Board Certified Specialists in Real Property Law

About Pendergrass Law Firm, PLLC

Skill and Experience: Our lawyers are certified by the North Carolina State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as Specialists in Real Property Law – Residential, Business, Commercial and Industrial Transactions. We have handled transactions from the simplest of loan closings to complex title repairs of failed condominium titles involving hundreds of condominium units, property owners and lenders. We have also litigated numerous real estate and business issues in State and Federal Court.

This rare combination of transactional and litigation experience unique to our lawyers has served our clients well.

Advice and Guidance: We assist our clients in making informed decisions by the legal advice we are able to offer them. That advice is based on our many years of transactional and litigation experience in business and real estate matters. Each client’s situation, however, is unique. Therefore from that experience we develop creative solutions to solve each client’s problem.

Goals and Objectives: Our goal is not just to address the specific issue that may bring a client to us, but instead to understand all aspects of the client’s business. We develop a strategy to assist our clients, not only with their immediate issue but one that furthers their overall goals and objectives. We keep our clients informed and seek to find the most effective and efficient solution to their legal matter without compromising the quality of the outcome.

When you contact one of our attorneys you receive the benefit of many years of experience in handling business and real estate matters. You will not be passed down to less experienced professionals who lack the skill and expertise your matter demands.